Volunteer Memories

Our volunteers have come from many countries, including Japan, Canada, England, Germany, Myanmar, India and the United States. Each volunteer is crucial to helping us provide high-quality medical care to the children of Southeast Asia. Volunteers are often paired one-to-one with a Lao staff member to increase mutual learning and capacity building.

Interested in joining us in Laos? Curious what it’s like to be an international medical volunteer? If so, check out the blog posts below!  Please feel free to contact fwab@fwab.org at any time for inquiries about volunteer needs, or to send your resume for any medical position. 

Dr. Sidney Sunwoo

Sidney is an emergency room doctor from Australia working as a pediatrician here at LFHC. He is also one of only two doctors at our … Read more

Nicole Uhlick, RN

Nicole Uhlick is a Registered Nurse, with a BscN from MacEwan University, Canada, and a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the Liverpool School of Tropical … Read more

Dr. Mark Boyko, MD CCFP-EM DTM&H

Mark volunteered at LFHC for 6 weeks in 2016. “Volunteering 6 weeks at LFHC in Luang Prabang was a tremendous experience. The people here are … Read more

Margaret Wing, Pharmacist

Margaret travelled from Canada to volunteer at LFHC’s Pharmacy in summer of 2015. When I made the decision to volunteer at Lao Friends Hospital for … Read more

Dr Saschveen (Saschy) Singh

Dr. Saschy volunteered at LFHC for 4 weeks from November to December 2015. She is a GP and Global Public Health doctor from Australia with … Read more

Dr. Ramona Sunderwirth, MD MPH FAAP FAWM

Lao Friends Hospital for Children embodies what we all strive for – a commitment to improve and maintain the health of children through sharing knowledge … Read more

Winter Ghostkeeper, Child Life Therapist

I did learn a few words in Lao, mainly colours and numbers thanks to the card game UNO. UNO was a big hit with the … Read more

Megan Lee, Nurse

As a nurse, I came to Laos because I wanted to give what little help I could to people who were less fortunate than I … Read more

Dr. Setthy Ung

With each life saved within moments from irreversible arrest, I have seen increasingly bright sparks in the eyes of the training doctors and nurses reflecting … Read more

Drs. Bill and Marilee Miner

Every day was a joy to sit with them and help them with their history-taking and physical exams, and discussing differential diagnoses. They are sharp!! … Read more

Shayna Campbell, Pharmacist

First, the model of care is that expatriate staff work one-to-one with a Lao staff member in all aspects of patient care. This means that … Read more

Kristin Pahl, Radiologist

After volunteering at LFHC for almost two months, I continue to be impressed with the staff and the amount of compassion they have for helping … Read more

Dr. Brian Tseng

We saw many children touched by challenges with developmental delay, epilepsy, migraines, neuromuscular weakness, genetic/metabolic syndromes, cerebral palsy, etc. Although the level of care is … Read more

Dr. Theresa Strong

These times are overshadowed by the eagerness of the Lao staff to learn, the way they embrace the model of compassionate care, and all of … Read more

Dr. Steve Dunning

For me the most satisfying aspect of my experience was the feeling that I was part of a new health care model for Laos. Care … Read more