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211350501_388370011346404_4122959579357611699_n Friends Without A Border, based in New York City, was built with the help of so many dedicated volunteers. Volunteer opportunities vary from event planning to in-office support. If you are interested in donating your time in our office or at an event, please contact us at fwab@fwab.org.


Lao Friends Hospital for Children is in great need of medical volunteers. International medical volunteers are placed one-to-one with a Lao staff member on the same team to increase mutual learning and capacity, all while following Friends’ most important motto to “treat every patient as if your own child.” Applications are accepted on a rolling and continual basis throughout the year. All trained medical professionals and individuals interested in volunteering are welcome to send their resume at any time to fwab@fwab.org. Please visit Medical Volunteers for more information. 

Non-medical volunteers and medical students are accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the hospital needs and capability at the time. The majority of our resources are spent training and building the capacity of our Lao medical staff, so our resources to train and mentor students and other non-medical members is very limited. Please contact us for more information.


Doc2AHC’s volunteer program is crucial to their medical education initiatives. To view a full list of volunteer requirements, please visit: AHC Volunteer Information.

Medical Volunteers
AHC is enormously grateful to those medical professionals who wish to share their expertise with the staff of Angkor Hospital for Children. As an officially recognized teaching hospital, AHC works in conjunction with the Cambodian Ministry of Health to train government doctors, nurses, and health workers in addition to its own staff. Volunteer doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatric residents, medical students, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory scientists, laboratory technicians, respiratory therapists, and other medical professionals are welcome to apply. Due to the growing popularity of AHC’s volunteer program it is advisable to apply as early as possible. AHC will collect and review volunteer applications and will decide whom to accept nine months in advance. If an application is received less than nine months in advance, AHC will decide on the volunteer’s suitability at the time of receipt of his or her application.

Non-Medical Volunteers
The hospital can accommodate several non-medical volunteers at any one time, depending on hospital activities and staffing. Most non-medical volunteers have the chance to participate in community-based projects involving homecare, mobile clinics, health centers, and village health improvement activities. However, in all instances, AHC reserves the right to determine the role of the volunteer and what the volunteer is permitted to do at the hospital or in other AHC activities..

For anyone interested in volunteering at Angkor Hospital for Children, please fill out the following application form: AHC Volunteer Application.