Treating a Serious Bone Infection

Aiy Thongsy was brought to Lao Friends Hospital for Children with a condition that doctors diagnosed as Osteomyelitis of his right leg. The condition, which is an infection of the bone, left the 10-year-old boy unable to walk.

A surgical team performed an external fixation for his leg to keep his bone in line to grow properly. Aiy then began a treatment regimen of antibiotics to fight the infection. His doctors used a series of X-rays to monitor his progress.

It took some time for Aiy to become accustomed to the external fixation, which he would need for several months. He still cannot walk, he moves around the hospital in a wheelchair with the help of his father.

While he recovers at the LFHC, the hospital’s nutritional team has been addressing his malnutrition to ensure that he continues to improve.

The LFHC team discovered that Aiy enjoys attending the hospital staff’s English classes! He has already learned some English and has become more confident about his recovery.

Some children, such as Aiy, require extended hospitalization to recover from injury or illness. However, the average length of stay for children at LFHC this year has been less than six days.