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Two Twins and a Newborn Arrive at LFHC – all on the same day!

One Thursday in August, Lao Friends Hospital for Children was contacted by the Swiss Red Cross saying that one of their midwives had found a set of twins that had just been born in a vehicle. The babies were in serious condition, and LFHC was informed that all of the babies were on their way.

LFHC was taken by surprise when the ambulance from Phonexay arrived, and not two – but FIVE tiny babies were brought into emergency – two sets of twins and a single boy. The smallest weighed only 1.1 kg, and the largest almost 3kg – all of them with a variety of medical conditions. An unexpected event like this would have stretched any hospital no matter where in the world it happened. The staff whilst certainly surprise, were not phased and pulled out all stops.

In the next few hours, the LFHC team ensure that each baby received excellent medical care with appropriate blood tests and X-rays, oxygen, IV lines, nasogastric tubes, fluids, and antibiotics. Jaundice, infections, low blood sugars, and seizures were treated over the next few days.

We are glad to report that all of these babies have shown drastic improvement since their admittance. They are now feeding well, have increased their weight, and have been provided specific treatment for their medical conditions where needed. Having five newborns all at once was an enormous challenge for the doctors and nurses and it was a task in which LFHC’s doctors and nurses truly excelled. The families of the newborns were incredibly pleased with the compassionate and quality care shown to their children by LFHC.