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Speech Therapy at Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Lao Friends Hospital for Children recently welcomed its first volunteer speech pathologist, Debbie Brady from the United States. Debbie is a certified speech pathologist in early childhood development and delay.

During her time at LFHC, Debbie has been working with Lah, our physiotherapist who works with children with physical and cognitive disorders. When a new patient comes in, Lah and Debbie collaborate on their assessment. Lah assesses the motor needs of the patient while Debbie assessed their speech ability to determine if there are any developmental speech delays.

Together they have created several new tools to help detect patients with speech impediments and how to improve their articulation. They introduced a picture communication board, a booklet for Lao sign language and began using a smartphone app introduced through World Education Laos’ TEAM project, a project funded by USAID which has made possible the physiotherapy department at LFHC. With the app, the patient only needs to touch the picture of the object or verb they are trying to communicate and the app will pronounce the word out for them. With these tools, patients and their families communicate more easily!

Hand signal cards were created in several local languages. “Ib zuag ntxhiv” means “one more” in Hmong, one of the ethnic minority languages in Laos.

It’s been a great learning experience for Lah who now has the foundation for understanding speech therapy and can assess future patients with speech disorders impediments. He can now assess patients from three different disciplines; occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy!
Thank you for your work at LFHC, Debbie!