Surgeons Save Teen Injured in Motorbike Crash

A motorbike accident left 14-year-old Thong unconscious and injured, so his family rushed him to nearby Nambak District Hospital, where he was treated for his wounds and then referred to Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

After a five-hour journey, Thong and his parents arrived at LFHC. Emergency Room doctors immediately noted that the boy exhibited symptoms indicative of a head injury. They ordered a CT scan which showed an epidural hemorrhage — bleeding between the outer membrane of the brain and the skull.

Thong was taken to the Operating Theatre where surgeons inserted a drain tube to relieve the pressure on his brain.

Thong initially experienced a great deal of pain and was unable to feed himself. He remained hospitalized for two weeks, during which time he received nutrition through a nasogastric tube. The staff also treated his wounds and ensured that he received appropriate medications. His family never left his side.

Thong’s condition gradually improved. His pain subsided. He began to walk again and eat and drink. Doctors removed the drain tube from his head.

Thong was clearly happy that he was able to return to his home. His family was very grateful that the LFHC doctors and staff had saved their son’s life.