Surgeons Save Boy with Brain Injury

When little Nok Chante arrived at LFHC, he was unconscious. He had been in that condition since falling from a tree in his village 28 hours earlier.

His family was extremely worried. They didn’t know what to do – they had no money to pay a doctor or hospital.

A neighbor heard about the Nok’s injury and told his family that he knew that there was a children’s hospital in Luang Prabang that provided free medical care. So the family borrowed enough money for transportation and made the long journey to LFHC.

Emergency Room doctors quickly ordered a CT scan for the unconscious boy. The scan revealed a large intracranial epidural hemorrhage – blood had filled the area between his brain and skull and was pressing down on his brain.

Nok was then taken to the Operating Theater where a team performed a craniectomy to relieve the pressure on the brain — a rarely performed surgery at LFHC.

After the surgery, Nok soon regained consciousness. He had been unresponsive for nearly two days. Nok remained at LFHC for 10 days to recover and rehabilitate. He was able to go home with no pain, eating and drinking well, and starting to gain more strength in his recovery process.