Shayna Campbell, Pharmacist

Pharmacist Shayna Campbell was our very first Pharmacy volunteer at Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Shayna joined us from May to July, 2015. She was paired one-to-one with a Lao staff member in the Pharmacy, and worked closely with Nah.

I volunteered as a pharmacist at Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) from May to July 2015. I was blown away by what the hospital has been able to accomplish in a such a short time frame. However, what impressed me the most was the enthusiasm and passion for excellent patient care that both the expatriate and Lao staff displayed during my time there. I immensely enjoyed working with everyone, including the patients and families, at LFHC.

Two main factors contributed to my positive experience at LFHC. First, the model of care is that expatriate staff work one-to-one with a Lao staff member in all aspects of patient care. This means that the emphasis is placed on mutual learning and capacity building. The second factor is the hospital’s commitment to ongoing education. One hour per morning is dedicated to case presentations, audits and grand rounds. I believe these choices will provide the best opportunity for growth for all the staff and volunteers at the hospital.

My time in the pharmacy department was focused on preparing for the inpatients department to open. Working with Nah and the administrative team, we were able to find creative solutions to procure and use medications safely and effectively to improve patient care for the children in Luang Prabang.

Thank you again for having me along for the ride! I will especially miss lunchtime Khao soi and accompanying conversations with the Lao doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and administrative team. I plan to follow LFHC’s journey closely and hope I can return someday in the future!