Saving Another Malnourished Child

Six-month-old Airnoy Silivong appeared weak and listless when she arrived last month at Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

Her mother said the baby girl had been afflicted with diarrhea for a few weeks. Our staff immediately determined that the child was very dehydrated and began treatment with fluids. Doctors also diagnosed the baby as suffering severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and began to treat her with a nutritional formula.

After one week of treatment at the hospital, the baby no longer experienced diarrhea. She also acquired an appetite and gained weight.

The staff discovered that Airnoy Silivong was now flashing a beautiful smile and sent her home with her family.

Malnutrition is one of the top 10 diagnoses at LFHC. About 9 percent of the children seen by our doctors are diagnosed with malnutrition.

Diarrhea is a leading killer of children, accounting for approximately 8 percent of all deaths among children under age five worldwide in 2016, according to UNICEF. This translates to over 1,300 young children dying each day, or about 480,000 children a year, despite the availability of simple effective treatment. Diarrhea is a leading killer of children across Asia, causing approximately 11 percent of deaths in children under five years of age in the World Health Organization’s Southeast Asia Region.