Patient Update: Saving an Infant… and a Family

Soon after Kazu Thongsy was born, doctors at a provincial hospital pronounced her dead. What they failed to realize is that the infant, born 12 weeks premature to a critically ill mother, was so tiny that she had an apnea, a suspension of breathing.

Kazu’s distraught father noticed his newborn daughter gasp for air. He told the doctors what he had seen and immediately rushed her to LFHC’s Neonatal Unit.

Our doctors and nurses saved the baby’s life and the hospital’s Outreach team ensured that father and daughter remained a family after the death of his wife. Read more about her story here.

Today, Kazu Thongsy is a happy and active 3-year-old. Her widowed father is a schoolteacher and relies on his extended family to care for his daughter while he is away at school.

She receives lots of love and affection from her large family, especially her grandmother and uncle. She plays happily with all the other village children, sharing the few toys she has.

Watch the video about Kazu Thongsy’s treatment and recovery here.