LFHC Doctors Gain Insights, Experience in Residency Program

Dr. Bounloth Sordaluck (center)

Three LFHC doctors report that they are gaining valuable insights and experience as participants in the Pediatric Residency Program in Vientiane, a national three-year training residency.

Dr. Vilaivone Senkeo is in her second year of the program, while Dr. Phoumy Manivong and Dr. Bounloth Sordaluck are in their first year. Thanks to the support of the Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation, LFHC has been able to encourage and help these doctors in pursuing their pediatric training.

Dr. Senkeo has one more year of residency to complete her pediatric training and will then return to LFHC. She said her residency has exposed her to clinical cases, departments and treatments that she had not experienced at LFHC. She also learned more about coordination with different departments for patient diagnosis and treatment, particularly regarding emergency room cases. Dr. Senkeo said she is confident that what she has learned will help her and her colleagues continue improving quality of care at the LFHC.

Dr. Phoumy Manivong (left)

Dr. Manivong started his pediatric residency last year and noted that training with neonatal cases and emergency room cases has been a particularly valuable experience. He said he has been working with challenging emergency cases in which he had had the opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills. Dr. Manivong mentioned that he is gaining confidence and acquiring leadership skills during his residency and looks forward to sharing his experiences with LFHC colleagues, students and patients’ families when he returns to our hospital.

Dr. Sordaluck said she is exploring such new areas as hematology/oncology and learning different processes in the Intensive Care Unit and the emergency room. She said her residency recently focused on treatments for patients with anemia, leukemia and electrolyte imbalance. She also practiced basic and advanced life support, while also practicing in five different

Dr. Vilaivone Senkeo

departments (hematology/oncology, ICU, emergency room, infectious diseases department and general ward). She is convinced that this experience is going to help her and LFHC to improve teamwork, patient treatment and the patient referral process.

The Pediatric Residency Program is a highly competitive national selection process. We are very proud of the performance of these doctors and look forward to seeing them continue their professional growth.