Reducing the Risk of Airborne Infection

Thanks to a generous donation from the Women International Group (WIG) of Laos, LFHC has taken measures to reduce the risk of nosocomial (acquired in the hospital) infections.

The grant enabled the hospital to install a new ventilation system in the Inpatient Department and both isolation rooms of the Emergency Department.

The Inpatient Department is usually filled to capacity, leaving little physical space between individuals. Sufficient ventilation is critically needed, given the high rates of typical childhood respiratory infections among our patients and the ever-present risk of more severe respiratory infections such as tuberculosis and pandemic influenza.

Until now, patients and staff had to endure the hot, humid conditions in the ward. The new system allows cooler, less humid air to circulate, which makes for a safer, more comfortable environment. It also aids the healing process.

Needless to say, the system greatly improves the working conditions for the staff, who often work long shifts.

The system will renew the air six times per hour, which meets guidelines for patient care areas in hospitals. The air exchange rate in the isolation rooms of the ER is nine times per hour, which allows for the safe care of contagious patients.