November Newsletter: A Win for LFHC!

Patient Update: Story of Thongsy

   A few years ago, a father rushed his newborn infant to Lao Friends Hospital for Children after doctors at a provincial hospital had pronounced the baby dead. What the provincial hospital doctors had failed to realize is that the infant, born 12 weeks premature to a critically ill mother, was so tiny that she had an apnea, a suspension of breathing.

   LFHC doctors and nurses saved the baby and our Outreach Team ensured that father and daughter remained a family after the death of his wife. Read more about her story here.

   Today, Kazu Thongsy (she is named after Director of Outreach Program Kazumi Akao) is a happy and active 3-year-old. Her widowed father is a schoolteacher and relies on his extended family to care for his daughter while he is away at school.

   She receives lots of love and care from her large family, especially from her grandmother and uncle. She plays happily with all the other village children and always shares the few toys she has.

Watch the video about Kazu Thongsy here.

Virtual Run for Children: A Win for LFHC!  

   Social distancing requirements sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic forced Friends Without A Border to cancel its annual New York Gala and all of its other live fundraising events in 2020. As a consequence, the organization faced a serious shortfall in its budget for Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

   Undaunted, management for the organization and the hospital came up with a bold idea to generate revenue: the International Virtual Run for Children.

   A virtual run allowed participants to practice social distancing by running, walking or cycling in their neighborhoods (or even at home on treadmills or stationary bikes) thus avoiding mass gatherings typical of marathons and other races.

   The event, which occurred October 16-18, raised more than $115,000. Friends Without A Border extends a warm thank-you to all who participated in this fundraiser and to those who supported the event with their donations.

   Read more here.

Hospital Caseload Surges

   The LFHC team is treating a growing number of patients in all departments. Doctors and nurses treated more than 2,000 children in the Outpatient Department in October — the largest monthly total this year.

   The Development Clinic staff provided care to 19 patients, including eight new children, and the Neonatal Unit cared for 68 infants last month.

Doctors Offer Advice on Patient Referrals

   LFHC doctors crossed the Mekong River recently to meet with their counterparts at Chomphet District Hospital to discuss patient referrals.

   Dr. Annkham Thammaseng and Dr. Daphet Bounpasit (standing left to right in photo) outlined the proper protocol for referring children to LFHC, including advice about the correct telephone communication that is required prior to transferring a patient.

   The referral system is important because LFHC offers the type of pediatric treatment and care that cannot be found elsewhere in northern Laos.

   LFHC plans to introduce this referral education program to other district hospitals in Luang Prabang province.

Staff Gains Insights into Care Management

   Two LFHC staff members recently completed an eight-day training session focused on a holistic system of care aimed at reducing the mortality rate of children in their first five years of life.

   Dr. Vidachan Inthanasith and nurse Khamaxai Xongyikhangsuthor (shown on left in photo) participated in the training, which was hosted by the Lao Department of Health Care and Rehabilitation with the support of UNICEF. They joined more than 30 clinicians from Lao hospitals and health centers.

   The aim of the sessions was to train the participants to be competent to teach their colleagues in Integrated Management of Newborn and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI).

   IMNCI is a strategy of care that focuses on the wellbeing of whole child and includes preventative and curative elements.


The hospital is seeking a Director of Clinical ServicesNurse Educator and Director of Development/Public RelationsThese are salaried positions. Additional information and how to apply can be found here.