Most Common Diagnosis in Neonatal Unit: Neonatal Sepsis

Neonatal sepsis, a bacterial bloodstream infection, is the most common diagnosis in newborns admitted to the Neonatal Unit. Many babies may also have specific infections … Read more

Gastroschisis: LFHC Saves Another Infant’s Life

Immediately after baby Sonesiphone was born at a hospital in Oudomxay Province, his parents saw that something was seriously wrong. They feared that their newborn … Read more

Staff Saves 2 Babies with Life-Threatening Beriberi

Beriberi is quite common in northern Laos and can be life-threatening for infants. Last month, LFHC doctors saved the lives of two critically ill babies … Read more

Patient Update: Saving an Infant… and a Family

Soon after Kazu Thongsy was born, doctors at a provincial hospital pronounced her dead. What they failed to realize is that the infant, born 12 … Read more

LFHC Wins with Virtual Run for Children!

Social distancing requirements sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic forced Friends Without A Border to cancel its annual New York Gala and all of its other … Read more

Patient Update: Mone’s Typhoid Miracle

When a little girl name Mone arrived at Lao Friends Hospital for Children a few years ago, she was feverish, extremely weak and unable to … Read more

LFHC Saves Infant Born with Organ Malformation

An infant born in late May at a district hospital was rushed to LFHC with a severe form of gastroschisis, a malformation in which the … Read more

LFHC Helps Boy Recover After Motorcycle Crash

Six-year-old Joy Thapphalao was riding on a motorcycle with his family one day in April when they were involved in a traffic accident. Joy survived, … Read more

LFHC Doctors Gain Insights, Experience in Residency Program

Three LFHC doctors report that they are gaining valuable insights and experience as participants in the Pediatric Residency Program in Vientiane, a national three-year training … Read more

Neonatal Unit Treats Tiniest Patients Ever

During the past few months, the LFHC team has faced an extraordinary challenge: caring for two of the smallest infants ever admitted to the Neonatal … Read more

Gardening for Healthy Patients and Families

The hospital’s vegetable garden project started six months ago with the goal of providing food assistance to select patients and their families. Some families travel … Read more

LFHC: The Importance of World Blood Day

World Blood Donor Day is observed on 14 June every year to raise awareness about the global need for safe blood and to thank blood … Read more

LFHC Clinical Team Performs Bone Marrow Procedure

When 15-month-old Noy* arrived at LFHC, doctors thought she was another case of sepsis, a bacterial infection that overwhelms the body. Sepsis is a potentially … Read more

National Lockdown Eased: LFHC Update

Attempting to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Laos followed lockdown restrictions during April and it wasn’t until May 4 that some of those restrictions were … Read more

Friends Without A Border Awarded Highest Charity Rating

Charity Navigator, an independent watchdog of U.S.-based charities, has given its highest rating to Friends Without A Border. Charity Navigator awarded Friends a 4-star rating … Read more

Lockdown Doesn’t Lock Out Medical Training at LFHC

The national lockdown imposed by Lao PDR in response to the pandemic has affected operations at LFHC, but it hasn’t quashed its role as a … Read more

A Little Girl’s Battle with Thalassemia

Ana Phonesavath is a brave little girl afflicted with thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder. In fact, she has homozygous Beta 0 thalassemia, which is the … Read more

Miss Luang Prabang Delivers Smiles to LFHC Children and Staff

Being crowned Miss Luang Prabang is the dream of many young Lao women. So when Mila Douangmixay realized her dream, she decided to become very … Read more

COVID-19: An Update

Just as it has throughout the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted life at Lao Friends Hospital for Children and the finances of Friends … Read more

Marg Froude: LFHC’s English Teacher

Marg Froude first heard of Lao Friends Hospital for Children in 2015 when she met a woman who conducted English classes there for Lao doctors … Read more

Roche Donates Biochemistry Machine

Lab technicians at Lao Friends Hospital for Children have upgraded the technology that helps our medical teams diagnose and treat sick and injured children — … Read more

Staff Treats Girl for Serious Burns

One day in mid-December, 6-year-old Xiasee strayed too close to a cooking fire at her home in Bokeo Province and the flames ignited her clothes. … Read more

New Medical Records System Initiated

Hospital staff members have begun using an upgraded medical record-keeping system that is designed to improve clinical decision-making. Twenty-six doctors and 55 nurses have been … Read more

Doctors Save Life of Child in Motorbike Crash

An unconscious toddler suffering seizures was rushed to the LFHC Emergency Room on Dec. 10. The ER staff didn’t know the name or age of … Read more

LFHC Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Representatives of the Lao PDR government joined Friends Without A Border board members and supporters on Jan. 23 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the … Read more

Pediatric Training Program Underway

From its inception, LFHC has had a tradition of providing continuous education for its medical staff, both in classrooms and during every clinical shift, ably … Read more

Milestone Achieved!

As 2019 came to an end, Lao Friends Hospital for Children reached a milestone: The hospital has now provided more than 100,000 medical treatments to … Read more

Doctors Solve Mystery of Teen’s Persistent Skin Rashes

Fourteen-year-old Khamsouk first visited Lao Friends Hospital for Children after developing unusual skin rashes. He typically responded to treatment, but the rashes eventually reappeared. In … Read more

Phonxay Staff Trains at LFHC

LFHC recently provided training for 10 nurses and medical assistants from health centers in Phonxay District, Luang Prabang. The two-week training session, titled “Right Diagnosis, … Read more

Neonatal Staff Saves Life of 1kg Infant

A newborn infant admitted to our Neonatal Unit typically spends less than a week there. However, some babies cannot survive without a lengthier stay. Airnoy … Read more

Gala Dinner Attracts 150 Hospital Supporters

More than 150 people gathered on Oct. 18 at the Pullman Hotel in Luang Prabang for the Lao Friends Third Annual Gala Dinner. The event, … Read more

LFHC Big Winner in 2019 Half Marathon

Roughly 1,800 runners participated in the 2019 Run for the Children Luang Prabang Half Marathon — exceeding last year’s race by about 200 participants. The … Read more

FoF NY Celebrates 20th Annual Charity Event

Friends of Friends New York celebrated its 20th annual fundraising event on October 12 in Manhattan. Proceeds from the event benefit Angkor Hospital for Children, … Read more

Saving a Malnourished Baby

The parents of a 9-month-old child named Malisa became very concerned when she experienced bouts of vomiting for four days and had lost her appetite. … Read more

Nurse Anesthetist Observes Procedures in US

Nurse anesthetist Si Lee recently returned to LFHC after visiting the U.S. to observe anesthesia procedures at medical facilities in Pittsburgh. Si received a Warfield … Read more

LFHC Doctors Begin Pediatric Training in Vientiane

Two LFHC doctors will soon begin training in the Pediatric Residency Program in Vientiane, having finished among the top candidates in a highly competitive, national … Read more

LFHC Saves Infant with Rare Chest-Fluid Affliction

Immediately after Airnoy Khamyai was born in early June, doctors noticed he was having difficulty breathing. The delivery room summoned help from LFHC and its team quickly … Read more

LFHC Participates in Beriberi Research Project

Thiamine deficiency is rampant among the patients we care for at Lao Friends Hospital for Children, especially among our poorest and most rural children. We … Read more

LFHC Nurse Anesthetist Program Gains International Recognition

The hospital’s process of training nurses in anesthesiology recently gained formal recognition by the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists.   Three staff members have met … Read more

Luang Prabang Cares: Blood Drive Week 2019

The Luang Prabang community came together last month to donate blood and support Lao Friends Hospital for Children and the Lao Red Cross in raising … Read more

Surgeons Save Teen Injured in Motorbike Crash

A motorbike accident left 14-year-old Thong unconscious and injured, so his family rushed him to nearby Nambak District Hospital, where he was treated for his … Read more

LFHC Welcomes New Staff to Management Team

LFHC is welcoming three new staff members to its management team. Mark Gorman, who most recently served as the Interim Country Director of World Education … Read more

LFHC’s Compassionate Care Helps Boy Recover from Severe Head Wound

Six-year-old Jack Nouseng was recently struck by a car and dragged along the ground — an accident that left him unconscious with cuts on his … Read more

Cloud Computing: RAD-AID Elevates LFHC’s Diagnostic Imaging

LFHC has taken a step “deep into the 21st century” with a new capability to store X-rays and other diagnostic images via cloud computing – … Read more

Friends Awarded Top Rating for Nonprofits

Charity Navigator, an independent watchdog of U.S.-based charities, has once again awarded four stars, its highest rating, to Friends Without A Border. This is the … Read more

New York Gala: A Red Carpet Affair

More than 300 guests gathered at the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan on May 15 for the 17th Annual New York Gala, an event that honored … Read more

Surgeons Save Boy with Brain Injury

When little Nok Chante arrived at LFHC, he was unconscious. He had been in that condition since falling from a tree in his village 28 hours … Read more

LFHC Performs 1st Splenectomy for Thalassemia Patient

When LFHC first opened its doors in 2015, one of its first patients was a 7-year-old boy named Bounsaweng Bouadichith, who was diagnosed with thalassemia … Read more

Friends Earns Top Rating

Guidestar, the world’s largest source of information about nonprofits, has awarded its 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency to Friends Without A Border. Platinum is the … Read more

Donors Respond to Monthly Blood Drives

Monthly blood drives are a vital component of operations at Lao Friends Hospital for Children, which has seen an increase in surgeries and thalassemia patients. … Read more

Malnutrition Treatment Now Includes Follow-up Clinic

The LFHC staff is ever-vigilant for signs of malnutrition in the children they see. Last year, more than 150 children were treated for severe or … Read more

Hospital Saves Toddler’s Life

A multidisciplinary team at LFHC recently saved the life of a 2-year-old boy who was suffering from an “acute abdomen,” a medical emergency often associated … Read more

Thalassemia Clinic: Training for District Hospital Staff

Late last month, Lao staff members at LFHC trained a doctor and nurse from Nambak District Hospital in the care and treatment of thalassemia patients. … Read more

AHC Celebrates 20 Years

About 750 people, including Cambodian government officials, international guests and hospital staff, attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Angkor Hospital for Children on January 25 … Read more

Congratulations Dr. Sanderson!

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has awarded its International Medal for 2019 to Lao Friends Hospital for Children Medical Education Director Dr. Christine Sanderson. … Read more

LFHC Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Friends and supporters of Lao Friends Hospital for Children gathered on January 22 to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the hospital. LFHC doctors, nurses and … Read more

Picture of Generosity

The 20th Annual Friends of Friends Photography Auction proved to be a wonderful success. The Dec. 12 event, held at The Highline Loft in Manhattan, … Read more

LFHC Treats Child with Malnutrition-Related Diabetes

Six-year-old Thorhua Wa was brought to LFHC last month after her parents became concerned that she wasn’t sleeping well and getting out of bed often … Read more

LFHC Welcomes New Nurse Educator

LFHC recently welcomed Lisa Altmann as the hospital’s new Nurse Educator. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and international experience to the position, having worked … Read more

Reducing the Risk of Airborne Infection

Thanks to a generous donation from the Women International Group (WIG) of Laos, LFHC has taken measures to reduce the risk of nosocomial (acquired in … Read more

Preventing Neonatal Tetanus

Airnoy Khamxaiy was born prematurely at home with no health care professional present. His family cut his umbilical cord with bamboo and upon seeing that … Read more

LFHC Welcomes New Director of Nursing

Kate Corrigan, whose nursing career includes service in the U.S., Haiti and Ecuador, recently started working at LFHC as the hospital’s Director of Nursing. Kate … Read more

Hong Kong Magic

Friends Without A Border is extremely grateful to our supporters who made the Second Annual Hong Kong Gala a wonderful success. The theme of the … Read more

Expanded: LFHC’s New Neonatal Unit

After months of renovations, a newly expanded Neonatal Unit is now providing compassionate care to LFHC’s tiniest patients. The unit, located in the adjacent Luang … Read more

Running with Royalty

The 2018 Run for the Children Luang Prabang Half Marathon attracted throngs of runners from around the world, including a member of Britain’s Royal Family. … Read more

Lao Gala Gratitude

Thanks to everyone who made the Lao Friends Second Annual Gala Dinner a huge success. The fundraiser was held last weekend in Luang Prabang. Honorees … Read more

Tokyo ‘Makes a Difference’

Friends Without A Border’s 3rd Annual Tokyo Gala, Making A Difference, was deemed wonderful success, having raised more than ¥16.8 million (nearly $150,000 U.S.) on … Read more

Expanded Neonatal Unit Has Royal Grand Opening

LFHC’s expanded Neonatal Unit opened on Oct. 20 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York. The princess, a granddaughter … Read more

Treating a Serious Bone Infection

Aiy Thongsy was brought to Lao Friends Hospital for Children with a condition that doctors diagnosed as Osteomyelitis of his right leg. The condition, which … Read more

Battling Malnutrition with Therapeutic Food Program

Recognizing the high incidence of malnutrition in Lao PDR, administrators at LFHC are initiating a malnutrition care program that they hope will dramatically reduce the … Read more

Neonatal Doctors and Nurses Save A Newborn’s Life

Doctors at Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital delivered Airnoy Xong in mid-August by performing a cesarian section. His mother had been rushed to the hospital because … Read more

Saving Another Malnourished Child

Six-month-old Airnoy Silivong appeared weak and listless when she arrived last month at Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Her mother said the baby girl had … Read more

Hospital Sets Outpatient, ER Record

Not only was August one of the rainiest months of the year in Laos, it was also the busiest month in the three-year history of … Read more

LFHC and Provincial Hospital Share New Imaging System

In another cooperative venture, Lao Friends Hospital for Children and the Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital are jointly deploying a new medical imaging storage system that … Read more

Nurse Completes Anesthesia Program

Kuelee Lao Faiyia has successfully completed his comprehensive examination in the LFHC Nurse Anesthesia Program. As part of the program, he administered anesthesia in more … Read more

Child Life Specialist to Study in Macau School Program

Child Life Therapist Kongmeng Sialee has received a scholarship to spend September studying at the International School of Macau. As a participant in the school’s … Read more

LFHC Doctor Selected for Pediatric Residency Program

Dr. Vilayvone Senkeo started working at Lao Friends Hospital for Children in 2015 shortly after it opened its doors and began treating patients. She had … Read more

Physio Team Helps Khmu Boy Recover from Fall

While climbing a tree near his home, 5-year-old Ker Hardjorng slipped and fell roughly 12 feet to the ground. The fall rendered him unconscious, so … Read more

LFHC Forges Relationship with Red Cross

LFHC recently developed a new and important relationship with the Swiss Red Cross. Our hospital staff trained Red Cross health care workers from various districts … Read more

A Case Study: Successfully Treating Severe Malnutrition

Chanmee Loa was brought to LFHC this month by her alarmed parents after she had suffered through four consecutive days of periodic vomiting. Her family … Read more

LFHC Caseload Reaches Record Numbers

Doctors and nurses at LFHC are seeing a record number of patients every month this year. Although the number of children admitted as inpatients is … Read more

LFHC Sees Surge in Outpatient and ER Caseloads

Doctors and nurses working in the Outpatient Department and Emergency Room at Lao Friends Hospital for Children treated a record number of patients during the … Read more

LFHC’s New External Affairs Director

Anabella Coria Zavala has joined the staff at LFHC as the hospital’s director of external relations. Anabella has worked for non-governmental organizations in Latin America … Read more

Child Life Specialist Awarded Scholarship

In early May, Kongmeng Sialee, the first and only Child Life Therapist at LFHC, was awarded one of five international scholarships by the Association of … Read more

Friends Earns 2 Top Awards for Financial Efficiency

Charity Navigator and GuideStar, two organizations that assess the financial performance of nonprofits, have each given their highest rating to Friends Without A Border. Charity … Read more

Neonatal Unit to Expand

Admissions to our Neonatal Unit have exceeded expectations. LFHC opened the unit in an area that provided space for 6-8 beds. Hospital administrators anticipated that … Read more

NY Gala Embraces ‘Making A Difference’ Theme

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the more than 300 people who filled the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan last night (April 5) for the 16th … Read more

Dealing with the Complexities of Neonatal Care

Our Neonatal doctors and nurses not only treat a growing number of newborn infants, but also handle extremely complex cases. Consider the case of Airnoy … Read more

Lao Friends Hospital for Children: A Video Look at 2017
Doctors Perform First Cleft-Lip Surgeries at LFHC

Until now, LFHC could do little to help children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. Last month, however, 13 children came to the hospital … Read more

Hong Kong Tattler Profiles Kenro Izu

The November 2017 issue of the Hong Kong Tattler published a profile of Kenro Izu prior to our inaugural Hong Kong Gala. Click here to … Read more

Giving Tuesday — Thank You for Caring… and Giving

Donors like you made our Giving Tuesday campaign a success. Every dollar helps Friends Without A Border change the medical landscape of Southeast Asia. Thanks … Read more

Munich Event Delivers Generous Support for LFHC

  Moving Child, a nonprofit in Germany that provides education and health-care resources to disadvantaged children worldwide, has been instrumental in supporting the creation of … Read more

LFHC Fights Blood Disorders at Thalassemia Clinic

Thalassemia is a serious problem in Northern Laos that until now hasn’t been a focus of the country’s health care system. Friends Without A Border … Read more

LHFC Saves a Life… and a Family

Airnoy Thongsy was born 12 weeks premature to a critically ill mother at the region’s Provincial Hospital. She was so tiny that she had an … Read more

Half Marathon Wins Support for Lao Friends Hospital for Children

   As runners sprinted along narrow shady roads, past golden temples, toward the finish line of the Luang Prabang Half Marathon, a clear winner had … Read more

Top 10 Achievements at LFHC
Building a Healthier Future for Lao Children

The last 12 months have been full of activity at Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Read below to learn about some of the most important … Read more

Achievement in Medicine Award: Kazumi Akao

  We are excited to announce that Kazumi Akao, Clinical Outreach Coordinator at LFHC and representative of our sister organization in Japan, Friends Without A … Read more

Friends earns top 4-star rating from Charity Navigator

Friends Without A Border’s strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned us a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent … Read more

Speech Therapy at Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Lao Friends Hospital for Children recently welcomed its first volunteer speech pathologist, Debbie Brady from the United States. Debbie is a certified speech pathologist in early … Read more

Lao Friends Hospital for Children Celebrates its Second Anniversary

Since opening its doors in 2015, Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) has treated over 25,000 patients from different areas of Northern Laos. On January 25th, … Read more

Art for Laos – Charity Photo Sale

Friends Without A Border, in association with MAISON 10, is delighted to invite you to an exclusive auction of photographic art works! All proceeds from the sale … Read more

LFHC Staff Attend Emergency Medicine Conference held in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Two of our LFHC staff, Dr. Dorkmai and Dr. Vilayvone, together with the Medical Education Director, Dr. Chris Sanderson, traveled together to attend the Developing … Read more

Songs of Lao Book available by Kenro Izu

Friends is excited to share a new book, published by Nazraeli Press and Friends Without A Border. Experience the beauty of Laos with a hardcover, 112-page … Read more

Neonatal Unit Opens at Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Newborn babies require special care and in recognition of this the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) has opened a dedicated neonatal unit. While LFHC … Read more

Two Twins and a Newborn Arrive at LFHC – all on the same day!

One Thursday in August, Lao Friends Hospital for Children was contacted by the Swiss Red Cross saying that one of their midwives had found a … Read more

Operating Theater Opens at Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC), located on the campus of Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital (LPPH), opened its own Operating Theater (OT) on July 26, … Read more

Introducing Yo-Yo Ma, Goodwill Ambassador of 2016

Grammy Award-winning cellist and virtuoso Yo-Yo Ma has been announced as a Goodwill Ambassador for Friends Without A Border (Friends) as part of the nonprofit’s … Read more

Emergency Room Opens at LFHC

We are proud to share that our new Emergency Room has opened at Lao Friends Hospital for Children! The ER will have a great impact … Read more

Inpatient Department Opens at LFHC

LFHC has welcomed its first Inpatient, a 9-year old Hmong girl named Yong Wa. One of 21 children, she came to the hospital from a … Read more

Friends Without A Border Opens a Children’s Hospital in Lao PDR

Friends Without A Border opened a new pediatric hospital during a Grand Opening ceremony in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) … Read more

Kenro Izu Named 2014 World of Children Award Health Honoree

We are excited to announce that Friends Without A Border founder Kenro Izu has been named the 2014 World of Children Award Health Honoree! Since … Read more

Baseline Medical Survery (BMS) Conducted in Laos

To ensure the future doctors and nurses of Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) are providing the best care possible, Friends Without A Border is … Read more

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Friends staff and the Luang Prabang community in Laos came together to celebrate the ground breaking ceremony of Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) on … Read more