New Medical Records System Initiated

Hospital staff members have begun using an upgraded medical record-keeping system that is designed to improve clinical decision-making.

Twenty-six doctors and 55 nurses have been trained to use the system, the Bahmni EMR system. The new system integrates data from clinical, radiological, pharmacy and laboratory sources and presents it in a logical and intuitive way. It enables quicker improved clinical decision-making, a reduction in medical errors, more efficient use of doctor and nurse time, and contributes significantly to better patient outcomes.

The Bahmni EMR system presents patient histories in a clearer and more accessible interface. It enables doctors to monitor progress on requests for such things as lab work, pharmacy, radiology. It also allows staff to order and document medication, fluids, feeds and such procedures as the administration of blood products.

Furthermore, the system allows LFHC and Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital to instantly share patient records and lab management information.

The time saved by using the system ultimately means more efficient and effective care for patients.

Denis Martin, a member of the Friends Without A Border Board of Directors, was instrumental in the acquisition and implementation of the Bahmni system.

Our system serves as a model for hospitals and clinics throughout the Lao PDR.