Neonatal Doctors and Nurses Save A Newborn’s Life

Doctors at Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital delivered Airnoy Xong in mid-August by performing a cesarian section. His mother had been rushed to the hospital because she was bleeding and doctors had diagnosed placenta previa, a pregnancy complication in which the placenta covers the woman’s cervix.

Born after a 32-week pregnancy, Airnoy Xong weighed less than four pounds. His family was told that the infant had very little chance of surviving.

He was immediately brought to the Neonatal Unit at LFHC, where a doctor administered CPR and ensured an oxygen flow to his premature lungs. The medical team subsequently treated Airnoy Xong with IV fluids, antibiotics, phototherapy and nasogastric feeding. Airnoy Xong has been gaining weight and the prognosis for survival has greatly improved.

Neonatal care is critically needed in Laos. Expansion of LFHC’s Neonatal Unit will soon be completed. The project will doubled the number of neonatal beds currently available.