Munich Event Delivers Generous Support for LFHC

FWAB Executive Director Nicole Pagourgis discusses the operations of the LFHC as Moving Child Founder Anna Schulz-Dornburg looks on.


Moving Child, a nonprofit in Germany that provides education and health-care resources to disadvantaged children worldwide, has been instrumental in supporting the creation of the Thalassemia Clinic at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

Anna Schulz-Dornberg and Gertraud Leimstaettner, founders of Moving Child, recently hosted a fundraising event in Munich for Friends Without A Border that raised nearly $70,000. More than 40 people attended the event.

While traveling in Laos last January, Anna and Gertraud discovered FWAB when they wandered into the Visitor Center at our hospital in Luang Prabang. They made an incredibly generous donation and later spoke with Executive Director Nicole Pagourgis who mentioned that she was planning a trip to Europe and wondered if they might be interested in hosting an event in Germany. They immediately offered to do so.

The Munich event was so successful that the Moving Child foundation has already scheduled a second gathering for September 13, 2018, at the Naturheilpraxis für Körper BewusstSein. Details about the event are available on the Moving Child website.

Thanks so much to Anna and Gertraud for their support!

If you or your organization would be interested in hosting an event for Friends Without A Border, please contact us at 212-691-0909.