Miss Luang Prabang Delivers Smiles to LFHC Children and Staff

Being crowned Miss Luang Prabang is the dream of many young Lao women. So when Mila Douangmixay realized her dream, she decided to become very active while wearing the crown.

Mila has brought smiles to the faces of many children at Lao Friends Hospital for Children and has participated in fundraising events to support the hospital.

“I wanted to support LFHC because I want to help children, especially those who are sick or underprivileged,” she said recently.

“My favorite part of supporting LFHC was starting the event Mila Care with LFHC “ພະລັງນຳ້ໃຈສີຂຽວ” Happy Planting, Happy Children! The purpose of the project was to invite people, family and relatives to plant trees and donate funds to the children’s hospital. It is very good because this project not only supports the health of the children in Laos, it also helps to maintain the nature.”

Mila competed with 30 women for the Miss Luang Prabang title. Seven finalists will represent the daughters of the Lord Praya Kabilaphom.

“My year of being Miss Luang Prabang has been amazing,” she said. “I had great opportunities to represent Lao women, preserve my valuable culture, promote tourism, support LFHC and create an environmental project which are duties of people in the 21st century.”

Mila said her favorite memory of LFHC is seeing the smiling children during her visit on Children’s Day. She said she learned something that day: “Giving makes us feel happy.”

“I would like to thank the LFHC team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it and for helping me put into action the things that me, my friends and family wanted to support,” she said. “I got back lots of joy and smiles from this experience.”

International Children’s Day is observed on June 1 in most countries.