Megan Lee, Nurse

Megan Lee visited from New Zealand, and spent three months in Laos helping patients and teaching the local Lao nurses.

As a nurse, I came to Laos because I wanted to give what little help I could to people who were less fortunate than I was. After my time here, I have learnt about how incredibly rewarding it is to give to people who are truly in need of your help. Some of the patients travel for eight hours, across rivers, hike miles and hitch on the back of cattle trucks to come to LFHC. They have little to no possessions, just the clothes on their backs. Their access to appropriate healthcare is minimal and a lot of families arrive on deaths door. I have never felt such feelings of compassion for people before, yet their resilience is astounding.

I spent three months at LFHC. A lot of my time was spent not just helping patients but supervising and teaching the local nurses as a shift coordinator. I loved my job because the work environment always had an element of fun as that’s just how the Lao folk are! The progress that the nurses made during my short time here was absolutely amazing.  We opened the Emergency Department towards the end of my stay and watching the nurses step up and utilize the help and knowledge that you have given them was just one of the most rewarding feelings. I have enjoyed my time volunteering here more than any other nursing job that I’ve ever been paid to do. There is no doubt that I will be coming back!