Margaret Wing, Pharmacist

Margaret travelled from Canada to volunteer at LFHC’s Pharmacy in summer of 2015.

When I made the decision to volunteer at Lao Friends Hospital for Children I knew I would get the opportunity to spend time in one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia and learn about the challenges of providing healthcare to children in this area. What I didn’t expect to find was a group of the most wonderful and compassionate healthcare workers that I have ever met in my career. The concept of creating effective healthcare teams is discussed and debated extensively in developed countries but here in this little corner of the world in a small pediatric hospital fondly referred to by the staff as “Friends”; the concept of team is a reality.

The amazing group of healthcare professionals and support staff at Lao Friends Hospital for Children truly work together and depend upon each other to deliver compassionate care to many children in need day after day. Now at the end of my volunteer time I am very lucky to not just call the hospital “Friends”, but I am able to say the same of the team of people that work so very hard there every day.