Marg Froude: LFHC’s English Teacher

Marg Froude first heard of Lao Friends Hospital for Children in 2015 when she met a woman who conducted English classes there for Lao doctors and nurses.

Marg and the woman, Ashley Emmerton, developed a friendship and shared ideas about their work – Marg had been teaching English in Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos since 2014 as part of the Australian Volunteers Program. Marg specialized in helping young adults who hoped to attend universities in English-speaking countries.

In 2018, the English instructor position at LFHC opened and Ashley encouraged Marg to apply. Although Marg was considering retirement, she accepted the job when it was offered to her.

Marg’s early life as a mathematics and science teacher in Australia has proven to be a fitting background for teaching medical terms in English to the Lao staff.

She says that the progress the LFHC staff makes in learning English depends on several factors: their motivation and confidence, the time they are exposed to classroom instruction, the frequency of their practice outside of the classroom, an appropriate curriculum and resources, as well as the quality of instruction.

A disadvantage that her students have is that the Lao education system is based on didactic rote learning, she says. This means that students often lack the skills to capitalize on contemporary teaching and learning methods.

Marg says she is very happy in her position at LFHC and enjoys the companionship and cooperation of her colleagues. And we’re very happy that she’s part of the team!