LFHC’s Compassionate Care Helps Boy Recover from Severe Head Wound

Six-year-old Jack Nouseng was recently struck by a car and dragged along the ground — an accident that left him unconscious with cuts on his shoulder and legs and a very large gash on his scalp.

His family rushed him to the local district hospital, where he woke up in terrible pain. The hospital staff treated his wounds and covered his severe head laceration so that he could be taken to Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

When Jack arrived at LFHC, the Emergency Department staff immediately recognized that he had a large portion of skin, muscle and tissue torn away from his scalp, exposing his skull. As this poses a high risk for infection, the staff quickly cleaned his wounds, gave him antibiotics, and helped alleviate his pain. After ruling out other injuries, he was quickly taken to the Operating Theatre to begin the long process of removing dead scalp tissue to help start the healing process and prevent infection from invading his skull.

LFHC’s surgeons and Operating Theater team have been taking meticulous care of Jack’s wounds every 2-3 days to ward off infection. They remove dead and devitalized tissue, and promote the growth of muscle and scalp tissue. His wound is now closing up over the open areas of his skull.

Doctors say Jack was very lucky to not have internal damage; it remains very important that Jack remain hospitalized and receive appropriate antibiotics and proper care for all his wounds. He will have to stay a little bit longer until more tissue is regenerated to completely cover the open skull injury.

After more than a month at LFHC, he has become a close friend to all of our nurses, doctors, therapists and staff. He is now often found running around and playing with the other kids.