Volunteer’s ‘Carry-On’ Wish List of Hospital Supplies

Item  Details or other comments
General Medical Consumables:
Burns dressings Particularly useful are: paraffin gauze dressings like jellonet or bactigras, acticoat, or grassolind. 
Alginate dressings Aquacell, Kaltostat or similar. Squares or ribbon
Paediatric/neonatal PICC lines
Umbilical catheters/lines Size 3.5 preferable
Phototherapy eye protectors for neonates
Dermabond or similar skin glue for closing lacerations Note, this is not the same as the mastisol that is on the list – that is for securing dressings on wet skin
Simple non-adhesive dressings (eg. melolite, telfa, simple post-operative dressings)
Idoform packing gauze – ribbon strip (aka iodine soaked ribbon gauze) Please ensure expiration date is OK
Cleaning wipes e.g. Clinell and Caviwipes
EZIO Pediatric Needle Sets 15mm and 25mm (05301PD)
Collar and cuff arm sling
Seldinger chest drain kits Size 12G and 18G
Frosted microscope slides
Stat Strip Express Nova Glucose Strips Reference number: 42214
Nova Stat Strip Xpress Glucose/Ketone QC Level 1 and 3. Reference Numbers: 46947 and 46949
Pasteur pipettes
Pipettes tips (small and large)
Liquid dispensing bottles (for pharmacy) e.g.: http://bit.ly/1Sa28RP
Hypafix dressing tape
Three way IV extension tubing
Three way taps
Thomas Splint
Pediatric spinal collars
Vacuum for cast cutter
Casting materials for spica casts
Pediatric bronchoscope Need both a flexible and a rigid one
Acyclovir 3% eye ointment
Acyclovir injection
Antibiotic eye ointment gentamicin, tobramycin, or erythromycin
Permethrin cream
Atropine eye drops
Beclamethasone inhaler
Calcium Carbonate (Tums) Or similar calcium containing product
IV Caffeine
EMLA/Amethocaine cream/Local anesthetic cream for IV cannula insertion
Ferrous fumarate (iron solution)
IV Indomethacin
Lacri-lube eye ointment, 2.5 g
Lidocaine 1% injection
Lidocaine 2.5% / Prilocaine 2.5% topical cream Emla
Methylprednisolone injection
Naloxone injection
Ondansetron injection
Ondansetron oral dissolving tablets – 4 mg. 
Pain Ease (topical anesthetic skin refrigerant)
Permethin 1% topical shampoo (for head lice)
Permethrin 5% topical lotion (for scabies)
Polyethylene glycol powder  (Brand name is Lax-a-day or Miralax)
Ranitidine solution
Sodium Valproate suspension (bottle)
Steroid inhalers (beclomethasone)
Tetracaine 4% topical cream Ametop
Tetracaine eye drops
Triple Antibiotic Ointment  Polysporin or equivalent; 15 gram tubes
Vancomycin injection
Zinc tablets
Child Life/ Developmental:
Simple children’s books Very basic, easy in English with pictures
Washable plastic toys and figures
Accessories for girls age +4  Polly Pocket, Sylvania dolls, etc.
Simple board games
Bubbles Small bottles are better (party pack size).  For less weight, buy a party pack, empty out the liquid and bring us the wands and small containers, please.
Medical play kits
Stuffed toys  for ages <2 and older girls (6-10 years old)
Coloring books including pattern books for boys and girls
Small children’s scissors for crafts
Small cellophane tapes, masking tapes
Paint blocks and brushes
Lego toys Duplo toys and people for ages <5; base boards; normal bricks (colorful ones for girls, too); people
Construction toys Small sets of magnetic building blocks are great.
Jigsaw puzzles for ages 8+
Plastic or wooden activity cubes/ centers for ages 6 – 24 months
Small cars and trucks
Bead threading/ lacing blocks for ages 6 – 24 months, 3-6 years, and 8+
Plastic farm/ wild animals
Balloon multi-packs
Non-Medical Items:
Blankets for neonates
Disposable Stethoscopes 
Colorful Band Aids
ESL novels and books for our Lao staff to practice reading
Simple high school level biology and anatomy textbooks
Paints for handprints at end of life

While all donations are valued we would prefer that people do not donate things which are not sustainable in this environment; for example, things with consumables which we can’t obtain (eg. glucometers, special feeding tubes, airway circuits, etc.)