LFHC Saves Infant Born with Organ Malformation

Airnoy Jame and his mother with LFHC staff

An infant born in late May at a district hospital was rushed to LFHC with a severe form of gastroschisis, a malformation in which the baby’s intestines grow outside the body.

The hospital staff noted that in addition to the intestines, the infant’s liver, stomach and bladder were also exposed. An Emergency Room team quickly stabilized the baby, Airnoy Jame, and administered IV fluids and antibiotics. They also carefully wrapped the exposed organs to protect them from infection and injury.

Airnoy Jame was then taken to the operating theater, where a surgical team placed a silo over the organs. A silo is used when the gastroschisis is large. Eventually, surgeons gradually reinsert the organs through the silo into the baby’s body.

Airnoy Jame remained in the silo for four weeks. During that time the team worked diligently to treat his infections, provide blood transfusions and ensure that he had the nutrition necessary to grow.

After the surgeons closed the baby’s abdomen, his mother, who had always been by his side, was finally able to hold her son. It was several more weeks before he was ready to go home, but on July 30 he was discharged to the care of his grateful parents.