LFHC Doctor Selected for Pediatric Residency Program

Dr. Vilayvone Senkeo started working at Lao Friends Hospital for Children in 2015 shortly after it opened its doors and began treating patients. She had just completed medical school in Vientiane and was thrilled to work in a new children’s hospital in her hometown.

During the past three years, Dr. Vilayvone has become a very valued pediatrician, highly regarded by colleagues and patients alike for her clinical skills, enthusiasm and compassion.   She is one of the young LFHC doctors who established the much-needed Thalassemia Clinic at the hospital, in addition to working in the busy outpatient, inpatient and emergency areas.

This year, Dr. Vilayvone was granted a place in the three-year Pediatric Residency program based in Vientiane at the National Children’s Hospital. The Lao Pediatric Society selected her for the program and her tuition and living expenses will be covered by a donated scholarship. She will return to LFHC in 2021.

The hospital administration and staff congratulate Dr. Vilayvone for this wonderful opportunity to continue her training and know she will say hello whenever she visits her family in Luang Prabang.

Sok dee, Vilayvone der!