LFHC Caseload Reaches Record Numbers

Doctors and nurses at LFHC are seeing a record number of patients every month this year.

Although the number of children admitted as inpatients is stable, those who are hospitalized are staying longer because of the serious nature of their conditions. The Inpatient Unit currently cares for three children with severe burns from contact with electric wires. Two children have had amputations of their arms and one is being treated for a deep wound on the front of his leg.

Four children are being treated with high doses of antibiotics for osteomyelitis, a rare, but serious infection of a bone.

“These children require an enormous amount of medical, nursing and operating theatre time,” said LFHC Executive Director Simon Young. “As with any child hospitalized for a long period of time, the importance of our physiotherapy and child life teams cannot be understated.”

LFHC treated a record number of children every month during the first half of 2018.