As a component of our model of Treatment + Education + Prevention, LFHC Outreach team provides preventative health education to children and families across Laos.

Kazumi Tokyo Event Invite
Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Kazumi Akao, RN

The Outreach team designs its program activities to assist people who might otherwise not have access to medical services. In addition to delivering medical care to patients in their homes, Outreach plays an educational role in raising health awareness and preventing illness in the targeted communities, and advocating for providing quality and compassionate care to patients in remote areas.

The LFHC Outreach program has three components:

  • Homecare visits
  • HIV/AIDS care
  • Model Village project


_DSC6954The Homecare project focuses on individual chronic patients, providing care and support through follow-up in their villages. In 2015, 108 patients were registered as homecare patients, and by year’s end 115 patients were regularly visited and many patients were referred back to medical facilities in their communities.  Over half of the patients were from greater than 50km (31 miles) from Luang Prabang town. Medical diagnoses for these children included but were not limited to malnutrition, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, HIV infection, behavioral problems, congenital heart disease, kidney diseases and others. Care is designed to involve a holistic approach to support autonomy and independence of both patients and families


Watt-Bryan-20160105-4662The HIV/AIDS care project aims to integrate all HIV-related care into one paediatric facility with HIV pre- and post-test counseling, treatment, homecare visits, and prevention education. The team worked closely with the Center for HIV/AIDS, and STIs (CHAS) in Vientiane and Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital’s HIV clinic in Luang Prabang to launch an “Integrated Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care Program” at LFHC. Four clinical staff (1 doctor and 3 nurses) trained as HIV testing counselors and started this counseling at LFHC. The Outreach team also conducted homecare visits for 4 HIV positive children. Project activities supported improved quality of life together with prolongation of life. 

Model Village

_DSC6906_sDesigned as a community approach to providing health care—with a major emphasis on prevention/education—the “Model Village” project began its first stages after reviewing many interested communities. The team eventually selected Nongheo village after the community members’ demonstrated a high level of commitment to the mission of the project. The concept of facilitation rather than ongoing free provision of items to the village was emphasized to encourage empowerment rather than complacency. The Outreach team cooperates with the district hospital to organize three “Health Promotion Days” as a pilot activity.