As a component of our model of Treatment + Education + Prevention, LFHC provides health education to its patients, their families, as well as medical education to health clinicians across Laos.

Patient Education

LFHC-2015-8541_sAt Lao Friends Hospital for Children, we don’t just provide treatment; we teach children and parents about their condition and how to prevent similar illnesses in the future.

We help parents understand the importance of good nutrition and hygiene in their child’s development, counsel new mothers on the best way to help their newborn breast feed, visit rural villages to provide health checkups and sanitation lessons, and much  more. We are consistently working to improve Laos’ healthcare system by providing health education to our patients in order to prevent future illness.

Medical Education

Essential to developing the healthcare infrastructure of Laos is educating the leaders of the country. At LFHC, we provide medical education and continuing education courses to our own doctors and nurses, as well as local healthcare professionals. The goal of our medical education courses is not only to ensure consistency in care, but also to train the future leaders of LFHC.

Examples of medical education courses include hosting Dr. Phichith from the Lao National HIV Program to share knowledge on HIV transmission, treatment, education, and prevention to our staff at LFHC. According to the World Bank, 23% of Laotians did not know that HIV was transmissible by blood, and over 50% did not know that it could be transmitted from mother-to-child during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Educating our staff is imperative to provide not only the best care, but to ensure that every Laotian understands the risk of passing HIV to their children.

We are currently recruiting medical volunteers from all over the world, who have experience in various medical backgrounds, to teach and lecture at LFHC. Laotian medical staff at LFHC will also visit Angkor Hospital for Children to tour the hospital and attend classes at their Medical Education Center.

English Language Education

LFHC 2015-8620All of the staff at Lao Friends Hospital for Children undertake English-language classes taught by an ESL-certified and native-English speaker. Improving the language skills of our doctors and nurses is a component of our capacity-building and sustainable approach to medical care: it allows each and every practician to become world-class, international medical professionals. 

Community Education

Watt-Bryan-20160105-4662LFHC provides community education programs that include: nutrition classes, health and hygiene classes, and teaching disease prevention practices. These courses will be held in our kitchen and vegetable garden at LFHC, as well as in local villages. To learn more, visit Prevention.