The Lake Clinic

The Lake Clinic Cambodia (TLC) is dedicated to bringing basic healthcare, disease surveillance, and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and under-served region of Cambodia — the Tonle Sap.

Jon Morgan, former Executive Director of Angkor Hospital for Children, founded TLC in 2007 after witnessing the poverty and need for health care across Cambodia.

TLC operates 5 “floating medical clinics” and a small “fleet” of boats providing transport and support for two clinical teams–one on the Tonle Sap Lake, and the other team working on the Stung Sen River.

The primary focus of TLC is to:

  provide these isolated villagers with health care comparable to what can be found in a well managed health center

  mitigate the detrimental impact of preventable illnesses through early diagnosis of disease

  provide treatment on an out-patient basis

  provide referrals to hospital (and assistance in transportation to the hospital) when necessary

  provide health education for the communities and rural villages.

Healthcare for communities on the Tonle Sap can be more than 100 kilometers away and travel is possible only by boat. The average family income is roughly $2 per day, and the cost for diesel alone is around $40 to $50 to reach the closest healthcare facility. For more information on TLC, visit