Kristin Pahl, Radiologist

Radiologist Kristin Pahl joined us with a group of RAD-AID International volunteers for 3 months, starting in May 2015. During her time, she helped in the training of Sengchan, our Laotian X-Ray Technician.

I arrived the first week of May with the rest of the RAD-AID volunteers and was immediately impressed with the staff and the hospital itself. The main goal of our visit was to complete the initial RAD-AID assessment of the radiology department and begin training the radiology technologists. The first week of May consisted of getting the x-ray room installed and set up, as well as training our lead technologist on ultrasound. I was so impressed on how quickly he was able to pick up on techniques. Within a week he was scanning by himself! After the x-ray room installation was complete, we were able to start training on that as well. We were able to see over 120 patients in May alone, which is an amazing start!

After volunteering at LFHC for almost two months, I continue to be impressed with the staff and the amount of compassion they have for helping others. Everyone at LFHC takes pride in the work they do and are very eager to learn new practices and techniques. I am very grateful to be a part of this team at such an early stage, and I can not wait to see how much they will continue to grow!