July Newsletter







Laos Coronavirus Update 

   Laos has reported no new cases of COVID-19 for 100 consecutive days. Some government restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have been eased but borders remain closed for international visitors with a few exceptions. Those who do enter the country are placed under strict quarantine.

The LFHC team has been treating an increasing number of patients in different departments. During June, outpatient visits increased by 300 more patients than in the previous month (from 1039 in May to 1344 during June). The Emergency Room also experienced a significant increase from 603 cases in May to 747 patients in June. Additionally, the Neonatal Unit occupancy grew to 23 infants for a couple of days during last month.

Triplets Flourish at Neonatal Unit

   On May 13, doctors at the Sayaboury district hospital delivered a set of triplets. The infants were delivered by C-section at just 31 weeks gestation and each weighed a mere three pounds or less (1kg to 1.4kg).

Such pregnancies pose a significant health risk to mother and babies. Realizing that these infants would require specialized care, the district hospital quickly transferred the infants, the Khamvanh triplets, to LFHC where they were admitted into the Neonatal Unit.

The LFHC team immediately assessed the triplets and initiated the appropriate care. During their nearly 6-week admission, all three babies required oxygen, IV fluids, phototherapy and nasogastric tubes for feeding. It was also important to closely monitor each of them to ensure they were getting stronger and healthier.

The nutrition team played an outstanding role in this case as babies’ mother required a lot of breastfeeding counseling and support. As a result of the hard work and all the efforts of the neonatal team, all three slowly gained weight and were discharged weighing more than four pounds (2kg) each. Mom and dad were excited to bring home their three healthy baby girls!

LFHC Helps Boy Recover After Motorcycle Crash

   Six-year-old Joy Thapphalao was riding on a motorcycle with his family one day in April when they were involved in a traffic accident. Joy survived, but felt a great deal of pain in his right hip.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, but two weeks had passed before he was brought to LFHC. Our doctors determined that Joy has sustained a dislocation of the right hip. Surgical pins were inserted to allow his hip to heal properly and he was placed in traction.

Joy was hospitalized in traction for more than a month. But the care he received at LFHC made a huge difference in his recovery. He is walking again without pain thanks to our doctors, nurses, child life therapist and physiotherapist.

Read more here.

LFHC Doctors Gain Pediatric Training

   Three LFHC doctors report that they are gaining valuable insights and experience as participants in the Pediatric Residency Program in Vientiane, a national three-year training residency.

Dr. Vilaivone Senkeo is in her second year of the program, while Dr. Phoumy Manivong and Dr. Bounloth Sordaluck are in their first year. Thanks to the support of the Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation, LFHC has been able to encourage and help these doctors in pursuing their pediatric training.

The Pediatric Residency Program is a highly competitive national selection process. We are very proud of the performance of these doctors and look forward to seeing them continue their professional growth.

Read more about their experiences here.

Save the Date!

   We are excited to announce plans for Friends Without A Border’s First Virtual Run for the Children, which will be held during the weekend of October 16-18. So please mark your calendars!

For the past several years, the Luang Prabang Half Marathon has been an important fundraiser for our hospital. Thousands of runners have participated over the years. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of this year’s half marathon, as well as all of our live fundraising events.

As a result, we decided to launch a virtual half marathon. It’s virtual in that participants won’t hear a starter pistol and race along a crowded course. Instead, participants will run, walk or bicycle in their own neighborhoods, local parks and trails. You can race solo or as a team of family and friends.

Details about how to register and more information about the race will be forthcoming. All proceeds will benefit Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

2019 Annual Report Available

   In 2019, we provided a record number of treatments, renewed our commitment to pediatric clinical training through a new curriculum, traveled a record number of outreach miles to visit children unable to come to the hospital and developed partnerships with other NGOs to pursue public health prevention initiatives.

Read about our amazing year of growth and accomplishment in the 2019 Friends Without A Border Annual Report.

 Click here to view the report.