Gardening for Healthy Patients and Families

Phonesavanh Phongsavath (Norm)

The hospital’s vegetable garden project started six months ago with the goal of providing food assistance to select patients and their families.

Some families travel long distances to bring their sick or injured children to LFHC. If their children require extended hospitalization, these families remain at the hospital, but simply cannot afford to cover food costs. Our Outreach Team assesses families to determine whether they need food assistance. Administrative Assistant Phonesavanh Phongsavath (Norm) and the nutrition team then coordinate the daily food supply for families who qualify.

Prior to the vegetable garden project, the hospital bought vegetables at the local market. However, the hospital’s garden has grown more than 880 pounds (400 kg) of vegetables since February – produce that has provided meals for many patients, families and caretakers. Rows of morning glory, onions, corn, eggplant, chilis, cabbage, green beans and lettuce now grow in our garden.

Semany Phongsavath (Aye)

Any surplus produced is offered to families to bring home when their child is discharged. Hospital nutritionist Bounmark Phoumesy (Toun) noted that the project not only helps families and patients during a hospital stay, but also teaches families about including various vegetables in their meals at home.

The LFHC garden would not be as beautiful and productive without the support of gardener Semany Phongsavath (Aye), who is in charge of preparing the soil, watering and taking care of the vegetables. Many thanks to Mr. Aye.