Expanded: LFHC’s New Neonatal Unit

After months of renovations, a newly expanded Neonatal Unit is now providing compassionate care to LFHC’s tiniest patients.

The unit, located in the adjacent Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital, can accommodate 25 neonatal beds. When LFHC opened its neonatal ward in late 2016, there was space for only 6-8 beds.

The main room of the new unit features bed space for as many as 20 babies, as well as two resuscitation beds designed for the stabilization of new arrivals. The room also includes an area for preparing medications and milk, a space for washing babies, a desk for doctors and nurses and storage space.

An adjacent room is designated as a bonding area for mothers and their babies. There are three beds at this location for mothers to sleep with their babies after the infants are medically stable. The space is also where babies will learn to breastfeed in preparation for discharge from the hospital.

The new unit also has a room for the exclusive use of mothers – a place where they can express milk, receive counseling, or simply rest.

Three rooms in the new unit are designated for staff use as office space, a rest area and a classroom area. One of these rooms will be equipped with computers and teaching resources.

The dramatic increase in the number of newborn infants needing neonatal care prompted hospital administrators to initiate the expansion project. Exacerbating the problem was the fact that many of the newborns brought to the unit were in dire need of intensive care and would not have survived without the treatment provided at LFHC.

The provincial hospital closed its children’s ward and offered that space to LFHC for the expanded Neonatal Unit. The arrangement further enhances the cooperative relationship between the two hospitals.