Dr. Setthy Ung

Setthy is a pediatric emergency physician who has spent over 3 months in Laos, as well as a former volunteer at AHC in Cambodia.

For many doctors (especially those in well-established and resourced systems), one of the biggest joys is that of donating to those less fortunate. However, amongst the different ‘forms of donating’ to the LFHC, the one I have found the most spiritually fulfilling is that of the gift of ’empowerment’.

By both teaching and working alongside the Lao doctors and nurses at the ‘coal face’ (often during the midnight hours) directly guiding them with their sickest patients and preventing what were previously thought to be inevitable deaths has been my most satisfying experience with the staff of the LFHC. With each life saved within moments from irreversible arrest, I have seen increasingly bright sparks in the eyes of the training doctors and nurses reflecting their rising level of confidence in their own abilities and most importantly a sense of hope for the future of their hospital, community and the children of Laos.

As an emergency physician, to save a life with one’s own two hands is one thing but to save the lives of many presently and potentially in the future through the hands of others you have trained, to me is a joy that cannot be surpassed. If you would like to share in this ‘gift of empowerment’ please join us at the LFHC.