Dr. Mark Boyko, MD CCFP-EM DTM&H

Mark volunteered at LFHC for 6 weeks in 2016.

“Volunteering 6 weeks at LFHC in Luang Prabang was a tremendous experience. The people here are amazing. Having worked in many resource-poor regions I can say with confidence that this hospital is doing an incredible job to bring together a variety of backgrounds to benefit this region of Laos. Though we still lack many of the resources we wish we had, the hospital setting is clean, supportive, and carries a positive feeling. The Lao doctors are wonderful, knowledgeable, and keen for learning – they also taught me many things about Lao culture and local disease patterns (many of which you won’t ever see in North America). What impressed me most was how integrated all the services are – nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition, pharmacy, radiology etc – all come together to help care for children in a resource-poor setting. The daily challenges of managing patients with limited equipment and limited diagnostics are met with a caring attitude while respecting the varied cultural practices of the people of Laos. It was a pleasure to be part of this Laos team for a short period. I would encourage anyone willing to volunteer to come and check out life here.”