Dr. Brian Tseng

Dr. Brian Tseng visited LFHC in July 2015. Dr. Tseng hopes to return as a volunteer, and shares his first impressions of the hospital with us. 

After a very inspiring lunch with Dr. Jonathan Spector in Boston in April 2015, I was more than intrigued to visit Friends Without A Border’s new hospital, Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC).

While on a business trip to Singapore and Japan, I added a personal side-trip into Laos to see for myself. I didn’t know really what to expect upon arrival, and to add to the mystique, Dr. Cheri asked me if I would be willing to see some patients with pediatric neurology concerns.

I enjoyed the facility, staff & families/kids immensely! I was able to join in for a routine day to get a small glimpse of the FWAB and LFHC magic. My day spent at the clinic, accompanied by the terrific Laotian doctors and nurses plus volunteer physicians was incredibly inspiring!   We saw many children touched by challenges with developmental delay, epilepsy, migraines, neuromuscular weakness, genetic/metabolic syndromes, cerebral palsy, etc.    Although the level of care is different in Lao compared to USA….the compassion is probably higher at LFHC in Lao!  The parents asked the same types of questions that parents in USA ask and the concerns based on love are no different.   Absolutely not one iota different – that was somehow surprising to me but perhaps I should not have been surprised at all.

I hope to return to Lao possibly within the year & hope to stay connected.

Thank you again for building and running such a superb Children’s Hospital in Laos – with a long-term vision/strategy, clinical excellence, teamwork & heartfelt compassion!