Doctors Save Life of Child in Motorbike Crash

Dr. Lisa Rynn (left), Tolex and his aunt.

An unconscious toddler suffering seizures was rushed to the LFHC Emergency Room on Dec. 10. The ER staff didn’t know the name or age of the child, but instantly noted his cuts, bruises and fractured arm. They quickly stabilized him, assessed his injuries and obtained a CT scan.

The staff then learned that the boy’s family had been in a motorbike accident. His mother was taken to the nearby Provincial Hospital. His older brother didn’t survive the accident.

The CT scan revealed that the boy, Tolex Vannadeth, had sustained a head injury that produced bleeding and pressure on his brain. Doctors administered several medications to reduce the pressure, control seizures, prevent infection and manage pain. His condition remained critical for the next few days.

Tolex gradually responded to treatment and despite his condition, he let everyone know that he welcomed the company of the staff and his siblings who later came to visit. He found comfort in holding the hand of a staff member and enjoyed hearing his siblings sing to him.

Tolex slowly improved and began working with the hospital’s physiotherapist. His mother also improved and three weeks after their accident, both were able to go home.

Tolex continues to receive therapy and the staff is excited to see his ongoing recovery.