December Newsletter


Doctors Solve Mystery of Teen’s Persistent Rashes

Fourteen-year-old Khamsouk first visited Lao Friends Hospital for Children when he developed unusual skin rashes. He typically responded to treatment, but the rashes eventually reappeared.

In August, his family once again brought Khamsouk to LFHC, but this time the rash was very different and included painful sores in his mouth which made it difficult for him to eat and drink. Khamsouk was again admitted and this time his hospitalization would span nearly three months.

A battery of tests eventually led doctors to conclude that Khamsouk was afflicted with lupus, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue.

Thanks to LFHC’s comprehensive care, Khamsouk’s condition was stabilized and he was able to go home with his family. He continues to return for follow-up visits and the staff is closely monitoring his recovery.

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HeART to Showcase Designs of Creative Kids

Children hospitalized at LFHC and those who live in the region are creating T-shirt designs this month to show what they love about Laos. It’s all part of a Works of HeART, an event celebrating the fifth anniversary of LFHC and the 20th anniversary of Tiger Trail Travel.

Children from five to 12 years old are invited to the Friends Gallery on Kitsalat Road or the Tiger Trail sales office on Sisvangvong Road to draw their T-shirt designs. A committee will select the best design, which will be used to print T-shirts, and five other designs which will become greeting cards.

Proceeds from the eventual sale of T-shirts and greeting cards will benefit LFHC.

All the designs will be showcased at a Works of HeART exhibit on Jan. 10 at Friends Gallery.

Many Thanks to Team We Run!

Team We Run (TWR), which received the Best Friends of Friends award at the Lao Third Annual Gala Dinner in October, has donated or 63,166,792 kip ($7,116 US) from the money it raised during its fundraising campaign for Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

TWR organized and completed a four-day run in mid-October from the capital city of Vientiane to Luang Prabang to raise funds for the hospital and disaster relief. The team contributed half of the proceeds from its campaign to LFHC and used half to support flood relief efforts in the southern provinces of Laos.

TWR has supported LFHC for many years. The team encourages community health and supports social causes. Many thanks to TWR!

Inpatient Department Gains a Bit of Color and Fantasy

LFHC was acquiring a bit of color and whimsy this month thanks to the efforts of the family of Thansamay Group in Luang Prabang.

Staff members from the company decorated the walls inside the Inpatient Department with colorful decals of playful animals, flowers and hot air balloons. The decorations create a more child-friendly atmosphere for the hospitalized children and their families.

We are very grateful for the support and thoughtfulness of the Thansamay Group!


As the Year Ends, Give a Child a New Beginning

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Since opening its doors in 2015, the hospital has made dramatic strides in the types and complexity of the medical services it provides. Indeed, children’s lives have been saved and thousands upon thousands of sick and injured children have been healed.

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The hospital is seeking experienced doctors and nurses to serve as volunteers in January, February and March. Information can be found here.