April Newsletter



New York Gala
Thursday, April 5, 2018.

Los Angeles Event
Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

NursesLFHC has a need for volunteer nurses in May and June. If you know someone who might be interested in volunteering, please refer them to our website for more information.

Dealing with Complexities of Neonatal Care

   Our neonatal doctors and nurses not only treat a growing number of newborn infants, but also handle extremely complex cases.

   Consider the case of Airnoy Touy. Her parents rushed her to LFHC when she was only eight hours old because she had been born with gastroschisis, a condition in which an infant’s intestines and portions of the stomach grow outside of its tiny body. During Airnoy’s operation, surgeons used a medical glove to encase and protect her intestines. Over the course of her admission, Airnoy required several operations to replace the glove and allow her intestines to gradually move into her body. She was discharged after two months in hospital.

LFHC remains the only hospital in northern Laos to treat and care for neonates with gastroschisis. Until now, local medical poviders had no choice but to send these babies home to die. This is a huge testament to our hospital’s commitment to give every child-patient a chance at survival. Airnoy Touy is one of five babies with gastroschisis who have been treated at LFHC. Click here to read more.

LFHC Child Life Therapist Wins International Scholarship Award

Child Life Therapist Kongmeng Sialee has been developing therapeutic techniques to help young children cope with hospitalization, which can be an emotionally difficult and sometimes traumatic experience.

Kongmeng’s work is now being recognized internationally. He has been selected as the 2018 winner of the International Scholarship Recipient Award by the Association of Child Life Professionals. He will receive the honor in May at the USA Child Life Conference in Washington D.C.

Kongmeng’s work enables children to better understand their treatment and diagnosis through explanations given to them through the use of play. Kongmeng has been an invaluable member of the LFHC team. We are very proud of all that he has achieved and grateful for all the work he has done!

Nutrition Team Wages Fight Against Malnutrition

Lao PDR has one of the highest rates of stunted growth in the world at more than 40 percent of children five years old or younger. It also has one of the highest rates of acute malnutrition at more than 5 percent of that age group. To help reduce the incidence of infant mortality and morbidity, our nutrition team embarked on an effort to screen all patients for acute malnutrition and take necessary steps to address the issue.

All newly admitted hospital patients are being assessed by our nutrition team. The team also consults with doctors on such matters as breastfeeding and maternal diets. Furthermore, to help reduce the incidence of Beriberi, we have participated in community outreach activities aimed at fostering balanced maternal diets during pregnancy and lactation.

Staff Trains Midwife Students in Neonatal Care

LFHC recently welcomed its first group of midwifery students to the hospital for training in the care of neonates. The students are in their third year of study and are working with the nursing staff in the Neonatal Unit, Outpatient Department and Emergency Room to learn about caring for newborn infants and educating mothers and families.

As part of their assessment at LFHC, our Lao nurse educator tests them on neonatal resuscitation, patient care and family education. It has been a shared learning experience for LFHC because the midwives have specific training and knowledge on teaching mothers how to breastfeed and communicating with the mothers on the importance of breastfeeding.

Also Noteworthy

Collaboration with AHC

Dr. Xay Her and Physiotherapist Lah recently visited Angkor Hospital for Children to learn more about that hospital’s developmental screening program. Dr. Xay Her worked with AHC doctors to better understand the techniques of assessing and treating children with developmental delays. Lah focused on the process of creating physiotherapy plans. Lah also spent time with a speech therapist volunteer to learn about tongue and speech exercises for children. It’s great to see the continued collaboration between AHC and LFHC!

Clowning Around

Patients recently enjoyed a fun and quirky afternoon when a clown visited LFHC’s Outpatient Department. She created tin foil dolls, handed out balloons and played games with the children. Even the staff enjoyed her company!



Support from Lao Upstate New York

LAO Upstate New York recently hosted its inaugural event and fundraiser, benefiting Legacies of War and Friends Without A Border. The event was a great success, in which the organization’s goals were met. Thank you LAO Upstate New York!