A Case Study: Successfully Treating Severe Malnutrition

Chanmee Loa was brought to LFHC this month by her alarmed parents after she had suffered through four consecutive days of periodic vomiting. Her family said Chanmee was 11 years old, but she appeared to be much younger.

Doctors determined that Chanmee was not only afflicted with typhoid, but also showed signs of severe acute malnutrition (SAM). They immediately gave her a multivitamin, the antibiotic ceftriaxone, iron and albendazole, which is used to fight infections caused by parasitic worms. She was also given F100, a therapeutic milk formula, to treat severe malnutrition.

Chanmee soon began to recover. The LFHC Nutrition Team then stepped in to counsel her parents about their daughter’s condition and the need to provide her a more appropriate and nutritious diet.

When Chanmee was younger, her parents fed her meat, some vegetables and fruits. If she became sick after eating any of those foods, her parents stopped giving them to her. This gradually led to a very restricted diet that lacked many of the vitamins and nutrients she needed.

While the hospital’s nutritionist educated the parents about proper diet and helped the family acquire the right foods, the LFHC Physiotherapy Team helped Chanmee build her strength and mobility.

Chanmee’s case is but one example of how talented physicians and a hospital equipped with the right prescription medicine can improve, if not save, the life of a child.