5th Anniversary Edition

LFHC Celebrates 5th Anniversary

   Representatives of the Lao PDR government joined Friends Without A Border board members and supporters on Jan. 23 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the opening of Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

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Hospital Milestone Achieved!

   As 2019 came to an end, Lao Friends Hospital for Children reached a milestone: The hospital has now provided more than 100,000 medical treatments to children in northern Laos since opening its doors in 2015.

Nearly one-third of all those treatments happened in 2019, making it the busiest year in the history of the hospital.

(Please note that a child might receive several treatments over a year or more.)

LFHC doctors and nurses handled 32,973 medical cases last year, according to year-end data. That’s a 24% increase from 2018.

The largest increase in caseload occurred in the Emergency Room, where doctors and nurses handled 11,801 medical emergencies, an increase of nearly 77% from 2018.

Doctors Pediatric Training Program Underway

   From its inception, LFHC has had a tradition of providing continuous education for its medical staff, both in classrooms and during every clinical shift, ably assisted by numerous foreign doctors.

This approach has now been consolidated into a structured curriculum-based training program that is designed to give all of our doctors a good foundational knowledge in pediatrics, enabling them to practice evidence-based, child-centered, pediatric care safely, ethically and competently. It also encourages them to continue their professional development through self-directed learning.

The first stage of this training, a one-year LFHC Child Health Foundation course, is underway and will be followed by a three-year Certificate of Pediatrics program. These are internal courses; LFHC will continue to utilize the country’s national pediatric residency program for the hospital’s highest performing doctors.

This new training program is being financed by a generous grant from Moving Child, a foundation based in Munich, Germany.

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Doctors Save Toddler Injured in Motorbike Crash

   An unconscious toddler suffering seizures was rushed to the LFHC Emergency Room on Dec. 10. The ER staff didn’t know the name or age of the child, but instantly noted his cuts, bruises and fractured arm. They quickly stabilized him, assessed his injuries and obtained a CT scan.

The staff then learned that the boy’s family had been in a motorbike accident. His mother was taken to the nearby Provincial Hospital. His older brother didn’t survive the accident.

After three weeks or intensive treatment and therapy, the child was able to return home with his mother, who also recovered from her injuries.

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APLS Scholarship Awarded to Staff Doctor

   Dr. Vee Thongkham, a senior LFHC doctor, has been awarded a scholarship to attend an Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) Australia Provider and Instructor course in Melbourne in May. This is a competitively earned scholarship which will also bring to LFHC some resources, including new training mannequins. The hospital’s mannequins are quite old and many of them cannot be manually ventilated (a core skill).

The scholarship and equipment are valued at AUD $10,000. Dr. Vee (pictured at far left in the photo) is a faculty member of LFHC’s new pediatric training program for physicians.

Hospital Units Add a Bit of Whimsy

   Graphic artists from Modlao, a Luang Prabang-based design company, have applied an assortment of colorful designs to the hallways and interior of the Neonatal Unit and Thalassemia Clinic. The project creates an upbeat, child-friendly atmosphere for patients and their families.

Many thanks to Marilyn Mears and the CW Asia Foundation for generously financing the project.

Seeds of Ingenuity: LFHC’s Vegetable Garden

   When families travel long distances to bring their children to LFHC, they often remain at the hospital if their children require an extended hospital stay. The hospital provides meals for these families while their children are treated and recovering.

To supplement the diets of these families, while keeping food costs down, the hospital has started its own vegetable garden. Initiated by LFHC Director of Administration Florent Planche, the garden is being planted on a plot adjacent to the hospital’s parking area.

Pumpkins, cabbage, onion, coriander, salad and green beans are being planted.

The LFHC nutrition team will also be able to work with some of these crops for the preparation of special food for patients.


The hospital is seeking experienced doctors and nurses to serve as volunteers in February and March. Information can be found here.