February Newsletter


17th Annual New York Gala
Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York will be honored at the 17th Annual New York Gala on Wednesday, May 15, in Manhattan. Information about the fundraising event and how to purchase tickets and tables will be forthcoming.


The hospital is seeking a Medical Director and a Nurse Educator.These are paid positions. Information can be seen on our website here.


LFHC has a pressing need for nursesand physicians. The hospital is seeking pediatric, neonatal and operating room nurses.

If you know someone who might be interested in volunteering, please refer them to our website for more information.

LFHC Celebrates 4th Anniversary

   Friends and supporters of Lao Friends Hospital for Children joined the staff and members of the Board of Directors of Friends Without A Border on January 22 to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the facility.

LFHC doctors and nurses have seen 79,107 children during the first four years of operation.

Photos of the event may be seen here on our website.

Just How Busy was LFHC in 2018?

   Extremely busy. Outpatient and emergency caseloads increased dramatically in 2018 as a result of the cessation of pediatric services at Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital and the growing reputation of LFHC.

Check out a brief video about LFHC “by the numbers” in 2018 here on our website!


Here are some of the 2018 caseload numbers and how they compared to 2017:

  • 6,677 emergency room patients treated, a 240% increase;
  • 21,984 outpatients treated, a 40% increase;
  • 779 surgeries performed, a 30% increase;
  • 457 neonatal patients admitted, a 16% increase

Dangerous Case of Malnutrition Treated 

   A 6-week-old baby named Young Noy was brought to LFHC in December with what appeared to be severe malnutrition. The hospital’s medical and nutrition teams determined that the infant was suffering from kwashiokor, an dangerous form of malnutrition associated with fluid retention.

Kwashiorkor is caused by a lack of protein and is most often seen in regions experiencing famine.

After taking a careful history with Young Noy’s mother, the staff learned that the infant was born at home and had received only condensed milk since birth. His mother felt unable to breastfeed him.

The staff immediately began to feed baby formula to Young via a nasogastric tube. He was also given thiamin and zinc and treated with antibiotics for a skin infection. Meanwhile, his mother was taught about the importance of breastfeeding and trained in the proper breastfeeding process.

Young gradually began to breastfeed and gain weight. After 23 days at LFHC, he and his thankful mother left the hospital.

Training in Thalassemia Care Given to Nambak Hospital Doctor and Nurse

   Late last month, Lao staff members at LFHC trained a doctor and nurse from Nambak District Hospital in the care and treatment of thalassemia patients.

The goal of the training is to give thalassemia patients a place to receive treatment closer to their homes. Some families travel long distances every month to bring their children to LFHC, which has the only pediatric thalassemia clinic in northern Laos. These families are spending a large proportion of their income on transportation. Nambak is about 75 miles north of Luang Prabang.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes anemia and can be fatal. Many patients need monthly blood transfusions. Despite the high prevalence of thalassemia in Laos, there are only two pediatric thalassemia clinics in the country – at LFHC and in the capital city of Vientiane.

Read more here.

Congratulations Dr. Sanderson!

  The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has awarded its International Medal for 2019 to Dr. Christine Sanderson, the former Medical Education Director at Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

The honor is bestowed upon physicians who have provided outstanding service in developing countries.

Dr. Sanderson has served three years as the hospital’s director of medical education. Her three-year contract with LFHC ended in January.

The RACP award honors physicians who have made a significant contribution to clinical service and a demonstrated commitment to mentoring and training future and current physicians.

Princess to be Honored at New York Gala 

   Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York will be honored with the Friends of Friends Award during the 17th Annual New York Gala on May 15 in Manhattan.

In October, the princess attended the Second Annual Luang Prabang Gala, ran in the 2018 Run for the Children Luang Prabang Half Marathon fundraiser and toured the newly expanded Neonatal Unit.

Details about the 17th Annual New York Gala will be forthcoming.

Angkor Hospital for Children Celebrates 20 Years

   About 750 people, including Cambodian government officials, international guests and hospital staff, attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Angkor Hospital for Children on January 25 in Siem Reap.

AHC was the first hospital built and operated by Friends Without A Border. In 2013, AHC became an independent, self-managed hospital.

Friends Without A Border Founder Kenro Izu presented a check for $27,601 to Dr. Ngoun Chanpheaktra, Medical Director of Angkor Hospital for Children, and Navy Tep, the facility’s Chief Operating Officer, during the event. The donation was raised at last year’s Friends of Friends New York fundraising event in Manhattan.


   The January newsletter incorrectly attributed certain developments at LFHC to administrators who recently left their positions at the hospital. The report should have stated that several developments, such as the opening of the Surgery Department, Thalassemia Clinic and Neonatal Unit, occurred during the tenure of LFHC Executive Director Dr. Simon Young. Other staff members, however, designed and implemented plans to open these departments.

The report also incorrectly identified the creator of the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology curricula for nurses. Sarah Cutting, who recently left her position as nurse educator, created and implemented those courses.

We apologize for the errors.